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The following is a summary of changes and improvements to eulcommon. New features in each version should be listed, with any necessary information about installation or upgrade notes.


  • searchutil can now parse field:value pairs in search term strings. See parse_search_terms(). The existing search term parsing method, search_terms(), should continue to work as before.
  • eulcommon.binfile has been moved into the new bodatools; it will remain in eulcommon for the upcoming release as deprecated, and then be removed at a later date.

0.16.2 - template hotfix redux

  • Add missing pagination template to install

0.16.1 - template hotfix

  • Add missing pagination template to sdist


  • Parsing for quotable search strings
  • Utility to limit pagination display to nearby pages

0.15.0 - Initial Release

  • Split out and re-organized common, useful components (binfile, djangoextras) from eulcore into eulcommon for easier re-use.

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